Success for every business depends on the right decisions and strategic planning. We help you define and achieve your growth ambitions keeping this in mind.

As business consultants we ensure you get off to a great start, by improving your sales as well as controlling your costs.

Our strength and strong hands are our chef consultants who can give you great ideas to improvise your menu and recipes, also plate presentations, to make it more appealing to your customers.

Our Services

Operational Excellence

  • Concept development

  • Operational analysis

  • Operations supervision

  • Management & staff training

  • Recruitment

  • Menu development

  • Menu & culinary procurement

  • Sales growth strategies

  • Multi-unit expansion

  • Food costing

  • Quality Control, Food & Beverage Service

  • Project Management

Concept and Design Development

  • Architect/Designing ideas

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bar Design 

  • Supporting Area Design

  • Plotting & MEP Planning

  • Size/Scope/Style/Format

  • Seats/Bar/Back of the House

  • Plate Presentation (one of our strength)

  • Theme or Point of View

  • Menu Direction

  • Price Point

Brand Design and Development

  • Menu Design

  • Website Design 

  • Packing and Presentations

  • Brand Architectural Concepts

  • Stationery Design and Gift Ideas

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Email Marketing

Product Supply and Procurement

  • Local Suppliers

  • Special Sources

  • Product Lists

  • National Suppliers advise

  • Vendor Negotiation

  • Specialised Product Suppliers

Ongoing Openings from Haavi Horizons Group

i) Curry Chef
ii) Kitchen Assistant
iii) Restaurant Managers
iv) Assistant Managers
v) Waiters
vi) Restaurant Host
vii) Waitress

To apply please email your full CV to recruit@haavihorizons.co.uk

Haavi Horizons Group #1 Food and Restaurant Consultant Business Communications