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Preppy Food Safety Labeling App for Android has been built from the ground up using the fundamentals and experience gained from over 10 years with the original Preppy console. The app connects to a Bluetooth printer and prints on Prepsafe thermal Food safety labels. The result is food safety labeling that is 100% accurate and legible every time and at a cost of only around 1 cent per label, and best of all no setup or ongoing subscription fees

Whether you operate an independent restaurant or a franchise with 1000s of locations, Preppy App by PREPsafe delivers a simple food safety labelling solution that will fit your needs and requirements

Make your Kitchen more efficient today!

By introducing a PREPsafe labelling system into your kitchen you can be guaranteed of improved efficiency within the workplace. You will be able to easily find and identify what you need, when you need it and no more unnecessary food waste! Take the guesswork out of labelling and take control of food safety at the touch of a button.
Preppy app by PREPsafe ensure accuracy and readability, promoting food safety and reducing valuable labour time. PREPsafe have proven time and again our systems and their simplicity are world class, so why not jump on the bandwagon and join the 1000’s of other customers around the world who are already happily using Preppy.
It might just be the best investment you ever have to make!

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